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Elecciones europeas 1:¿Serán representativas las elecciones de 2009?

How representative will the European elections be?
On 4-7 June 2009 Europe goes to vote for a new European Parliament. Women represent half of the electorate, but will this be reflected by the number of seats they take up in the new Parliament? How representative will the European Elections be? It's your choice!

¿Cómo van a ser representativas las elecciones europeas?
Los 4-7 de junio 2009, Europa va a votar a favor de un nuevo Parlamento Europeo. Las mujeres representan la mitad del electorado, pero se refleja esto en el número de escaños que ocupen en el nuevo Parlamento? ¿¿Cómo van a ser representativas las elecciones europeas? Es tu elección!
(Traducción informal al español: An)

Report on equality between women and men 2009 ( 06/04/2009 )
Catalog N. : ISBN: 978-92-79-07961-0
At the request of the European Council, the European Commission reports each year on progress towards gender equality and presents challenges and priorities for the future. This publication gives an overview of recent developments as regards the situation of women and men in the EU with relevant data and policy presentations. It is targeted at a wide range of stakeholders, including Member States, NGOs, and social partners. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German.

Women in European politics – time for action ( 10/03/2009 )
Catalog N. : KE-81-09-543-EN-C
Prepared for the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (European Commission), this report aims to raise awareness of the extent of gender inequality in politics by analysing the current situation and investigating some of the reasons that the persistent deficit is proving so difficult to break down. The report is split into two sections, the main section covers the gender balance in politics at all levels and examines the current situation of women as elected representatives, the extent to which they are selected as candidates for election, how this links to electoral success and some of the reasons behind the limited progress to date. The second section briefly analyses the situation in some other areas, including business and public administration. This report is targeted at stakeholders in gender equality, Member States, EU and international Institutions, social partners, media, NGOs, academics and companies. It is available in English, French and German

Publicaciones de la CE sobre igualdad de género en francés

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Funcionaría (mejor) Europa con mayor liderazgo femenino?

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