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Prabha Khosla: Gender in Local Government - Genero no Governo Local

Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers (EN-PT- bientôt en FR)
by Prabha Khosla, Publication UN-Habitat, 2008
Local governments have significant responsibilities to strengthen gender equality in decision making, development policies and planning, and service delivery.

This manual, 'Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers' is designed to assist training institutions in mainstreaming gender incapacity building for local government. It consists of gender concepts, gender analysis and tools in areas of local government.

The following key issues of local governance have been selected:
  • participation in local government,
  • land rights,
  • urban planning,
  • service provision,
  • local government financing,
  • violence against women and
  • local economic development.

Numerous case studies illustrate what local governments can do to strengthen gender mainstreaming in their work. Reflection questions, training exercises and guidelines for conducting gender trainings will help trainers to develop successful trainings. It is hoped that it will provide valuable insights and resources for trainers and training institutions to improve their training courses tostrengthen the capacity of local governments to deliver.

To find "Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers" go to the following web page and scroll down to see the book. You can download it in pdf format. Or you can also buy the book from the same site. (EN) (PT)

Your critical feedback and comments are most appreciated.

Prabha Khosla es moderadora del grupo Toronto Women's City Alliance (TWCA).


Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers -by Prabha Khosla, Publication UN-Habitat, 140 p, 2008
PDF 2923Kb with free download, Price paper book: $15

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