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I expected that gender equality would be one of the priorities of the Spanish Presidency of the European union but it has been included as a transversal dimension.
However, the main lines of action for the Spanish Presidency of the EU (January to June 2010) in matters of equality will be the incorporation of a gender perspective in the 2020 European Strategy and the fight against gender-based violence and for equal treatment.

The Gender perspective

The upcoming Spanish presidency of the EU marks the need to make progress in building European citizenship in which the incorporation of the principle of Gender Equality into the 2020 European Strategy is considered a priority for the Spanish Presidency.
Some 60% of graduates in Europe are currently women, although this figure does not reflect the situation in the job market, where women continue to find obstacles in access to jobs and promotions.
Gender-based violence
Placing a common policy against gender-based violence at the heart of the EU is another objective that will enable common indicators and a diagnosis in order to establish minimum level and uniform protection for victims in Europe.
The Spanish government, through its Ministry for Equality and Justice, is working on a European Protection Order offering full coverage for women that are victims of gender-based violence across the whole of the EU. A free, single 116016 telephone helpline is being set up to counsel and inform victims of gender-based violence across Europe.
In the forthcoming EPSSCO Council in March, the Minister for Equality will present the specific conclusions on gender-based violence that will influence the need for a joint diagnosis, common indicators, and studies on applicable legislation in each case, since it is a global problem that requires global solutions.
Equal treatment
Another equality line of action during the Spanish presidency is the fight against discrimination in all its forms, whether based on race or ethnicity, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.
The Proposed Council Directive on Non-discrimination and Equal Treatment is therefore a means for setting a minimum common denominator for safeguarding equality and against all types of discrimination across the whole EU, extending this protection beyond the workplace.


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