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Pink cabs - Taxis rosa -


Barcelona Andar por la ciudad con cuerpo de mujer

Cada vez son más los arquitectos y urbanistas que reclaman que las urbes se proyecten con perspectiva de género: "Es una calle estrecha y oscura. Son las 12 de la noche. Mireia oye pasos. Son los suyos. Se tranquiliza. A los pocos metros, siente otra presencia. No está sola. Se asusta y acelera el ritmo. Se siente vulnerable. No sabe quién hay detrás. Aunque sí sabe que es un hombre. Por su cabeza pasan decenas de posibilidades y ninguna buena. Al final de la calle, ve a una pareja. Respira hondo y sonríe. No está sola: sólo ha sido un susto.> ... Seguir leyendo en Público

Taxis rosa en el mundo

Pink Taxis Puebla, México, pone en marcha taxis exclusivos de mujeres Publicado el 07/10/2009 en castellano en " Le Grand Journal "

Pink ladies "a club's community transport service" UK

The women only taxi firm was launched in June 2005 by former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona in Warrington near manchester.
Pink Ladies, which has a women only policy on drivers and passengers, operates on a members' only basis to avoid sex discrimination laws.
"I always feel so much safer when it is a woman driver. It's all about peace of mind and safety," said Ms Katona.
Franchises have already been bought in London, Brighton, Newcastle and across north-west England.
"Safety for women is where Pink Ladies Members Club starts and finishes, whether that is self protection, awareness of surrounding threats, or to help memberscare for their of the times when women feel most vulnerable is at nights, but there are some simple steps that will lessen any risks:-* Plan ahead, and let others know your plans.* Try to stick to well-lit areas when on foot, and if walking home, be with friends*Stay alert, if alone, and walk with an air of confidence."

Pink taxis in Moscow RU

The service “Pink taxi” created in August 2006 for transportation of women and children only, is getting more and more popular in Moscow. The new service is aimed at helping women to avoid taxi rape cases quite frequent nowadays. The absence of men in a taxi car is a positive factor for both female Moscow citizens anxious about their safety and for Muslim women. At the moment the auto park of the service has 10 pink cars Daewoo Matiz and Nexia, and the staff consists of 20 female drivers. Originally created for women and children only, now the service lets men get into taxi cars too if they are accompanied by a woman. On of the passengers of “Pink taxi” says: “Some ill-bred persons claim this all has to do with feminists and lesbians, while many women and their husbands feel better about being in a car with a female driver”.

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